The story

URBAN SHAMAN is rooted in a holistic lifestyle that reaches far beyond nutrition. It’s a place of healing, a way of being, an invitation for each to find his own inner Shaman. A sanctuary for those who lead a modern urban lifestyle but also seek out wellness, beauty and longevity.
We offer holistic detox programs and seasonal cleanses for anyone wishing to revitalise their health.
Everything on offer is inspired by the exquisitely pure flavors and medicinal properties of raw vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, roots, nuts, and seaweeds. Our recipes are masterly crafted for optimised digestion and assimilation.
Healthy balanced LIFESTYLE takes more than a one-time cleanse, it’s achieved by making and committing to conscious lifestyle changes.
We strive to provide products that will enable us to quiet our minds – allowing the flow of positivity and a sense of health into our lives.



Core Values

  • 100% COLD-PRESSED. Centrifuge juice pressing is how all the other guys make their juice. But this process creates heat which harm the enzymes and nutrients in the juice. All those packaged juices from the store? Yeah…no nutritional value there. Urban Shaman only uses cold-pressed technology. This means we literally press the fruits and veggies in their pure form. We chill them immediately so the nutrients stay intact.
  • ALL ORGANIC. Urban Shaman only uses ingredients without pesticides or toxins; as these build up in the system and cause dis-ease.
  • PLASTIC FREE. Chemicals from plastic can leach into food, further burdening the body. Most plastic bottles unless otherwise specified contain BPA and other petrochemicals. We only use glass.
  • PROVIDERS. Urban Shaman only uses ingredients from sustainable sources. Close relationships with local farmers allows for the highest quality product.
  • MINDFUL PROCESS. At Urban Shaman, every part of the supply and production chain is mindful of, and connected to the same philosophies we hold so dearly. Only good vibes allowed.
  • UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH. We are constantly in a state of learning at Urban Shaman. We’re committed to continued efforts to expand our consciousness as well as stay up-to-date on any science and research that can benefit our community. (That’s you!)
  • HEALTHATERIAN LIFESTYLE. Health and balance are achieved through making and committing to conscious lifestyle changes.

About Udi

Udi is a certified Naturopath (N.D), Clinical Herbalist (CI.H), ‘healthatarian’ chef, and Vinyasa yoga teacher. Udi was set on a path to becoming a healer at an early age. Growing up experiencing severe food sensitivities that affected his overall health, he set forth on a journey to heal through nutrition. While in Mexico at only eleven years old he discovered and was inspired by Shamanism. He later traveled through south and central America, India, and elsewhere, studying extensively the healing modalities of ancient and modern cultures. The integration of his background in kitchens and bars with his knowledge in herbalism, Aromatherapy, aspects of Shamanic, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicines shape Udi’s approach to the natural way of healing. It is this knowledge-based background that makes Urban Shaman unique. All cleanses are designed strategically and with a clinical understanding to optimise well-being.


We’re involved in our community and are proud to support the practice of sustainable, local & organic lifestyle