21 Day Weight Loss Plan

The 21-day weight loss plan is based on nutritional science and naturopathic wisdom. We will deliver organic, plant-based ready-to-eat-meals right to your doorstep.

During this cleanse you’ll receive daily deliveries (shipped every evening). In each delivery, you’ll get one kit. You can as well pick your daily kit at the store on Dizengoff 210 from 18:00. Please place your order till 12:00 a.m so we can produce your juices and meal freshly. Any orders coming in later than 12:00 a.m will be ready for the day after.

Delivery Costs (daily):

Central Tel Aviv 30 Nis

Zahala, Ramat HaHayal, Afeka 40 Nis

Ramat Hasharon 50 Nis

Herzliya 60 Nis


Each kit includes organic food and fresh cold-pressed juices for one full day:

1 Flu Shot

1 Naked Green (260ml)

1 Breakfast (buckwheat RAWnola + almond mylk / chia pudding/coconut progurt)

1 Power Lunch based on leafy greens and plant-based protein (vegan, gluten-free)

1 Deep Green (260ml)

1 Salad with sprouted legumes

1 Detox Infusion


Health Declaration

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