6 Day Body Reset

This 6-day meal plan is the ideal nutrition for your everyday!
An alkalizing nutritional plan abundant with organic vegetables, good fats, plant-based protein, gluten-free whole grains, fruits, algae, and superfoods.
Such nutrition is for many a deep detox program as it is, or an ideal preparation for your juice cleanse journey.

During this cleanse you’ll receive 6 deliveries (shipped every evening). In each delivery, you’ll get one kit.
Picking up your daily kit at the store on Dizengoff 210 from 18:00 is another available option.
Please place your order till 12:00 a.m so we can produce your juices and meals on time for your pickup.

Any orders coming in later than 12:00 a.m will be ready for the following day!

Delivery Costs (PER DAY):

Central Tel Aviv 30 Nis

Zahala, Ramat HaHayal, Afeka 40 Nis

Ramat Hasharon 50 Nis

Herzliya 65 Nis

Each kit includes food and fresh cold-pressed juices for one full day:
1 wellness shot (60ml)
1 Green juice (260ml)
1 Breakfast (rotating: gluten-free bread + spread / chia pudding / coconut progurt)
1 Power Lunch (whole grain, legumes, veggies)
1 Spicy Lemonade / Cool-Aid juice (260ml)
1 Salad with sprouted legumes
1 Detox Infusion


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To begin this plan you will want to prepare your body to be flooded with detoxifying nutrients, enzymes, and minerals and be mentally prepared to the withdrawal symptoms you might experience once you refrain from consuming sugar and gluten.
We recommend that you shift your diet a few days before your Meal-Plan starts. It is best to eliminate the following at least 3 days prior to your cleanse:
Caffeine | Alcohol | Nicotine | Refined sugar | Animal products | Gluten If you can spend these few days eating live foods, plant-based protein, soups and broths, sea vegetables, juices and smoothies, and drinking lots of water it will lead to a more comfortable and easy plan.

In order to prepare your body to be flooded with detoxifying nutrients, enzymes, and minerals, we recommend that you shift your diet a few days before the juice cleanse begins. It is best to eliminate the following at least three days prior to your cleanse:

Caffeine | Alcohol | Nicotine | Refined sugar | Animal products | Gluten

If you can spend these few days eating live foods, broths, sea vegetables, juices and smoothies and drinking lots of water, you’ll experience a more comfortable and easy cleanse.

Within the first 24-36 hours of abstaining from solid foods, the body enters a state of detoxification. The energy that was used for digestion is now redirected to cleansing. The raw and certified organic juices act as cleansing agents, their enzymes dissolving the toxins being released.

After several days of fasting, the walls of the colon release a build-up of plaque, allowing the body to maximize absorption of nutrition and ending autointoxication through the intestines. At this stage, you may also experience a release of stored emotions and memories and a heightened sense of clarity.

Once these toxins begin to leave the body we feel euphoric energy, increased mental capacity and the release of negative emotion.

Full of high vibrational juices and foods, we literally begin to vibrate on new levels and tune into more subtle planes of consciousness.

Here are some tips to make your cleansing journey more effective and pleasant:

Drink all your juice. We strongly urge you to drink all of your juices every day, either in a constant drip or by having a juice at least every two hours.

Drink lots of water and herbal infusions. Drink as much as you may desire.

Stay warm. While cleansing you may experience a drop in your body temperature. Wrap yourself up, heat your house, or take a warm bath if you feel chilly!

Take rest. Allow yourself the time and space to rest as most cleaning and healing is invisible and internal. Fat-soluble toxin molecules are being transformed into water-soluble molecules and are released back into the bloodstream before being eliminated. Dizziness, weakness, nausea, migraines, and other symptoms may arise. Tune into your body. If you feel even slightly exhausted, take your activity down a notch.

Releasing those toxins

Some of the most effective and easy ways to increase your body’s release of toxins:

·      Sweating: This could mean strolling, stretching your regular exercise routine, or far infrared sauna. Be sure not to let that toxic sweat sit on your skin—rinse off, or you will reabsorb unwanted toxins.

·      Skin Brushing

·      Tongue scraping

·      Oil pulling: Swishing organic coconut oil around the mouth for about 10-20min in the morning.

·      Colon hydrotherapy: Colonic hydrotherapy is an effective, fast way to release toxins. Colonics are great at helping with any flu-like symptoms, headaches, light-headedness or moodiness that may arise while detoxing.

·      Far infrared sauna or dry sauna. Ideally sweating 20min a day during your cleanse.

·      Taking an evening detox bath with magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and relaxing essential oils.

·      Deep breathing exercises.

Once you have passed those first detox days and your system is saturated with live nutrients, you will feel mental clarity, calmness, weightlessness and internal natural energy.

Sleep will come easily and be deep. Rising will be naturally effortless and the days in between will flow. You will be charged by a revived excitement and stamina. Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your body’s weight will balance and you will be radiating with health.

Coming off of a cleanse properly is a crucial part of the process. For the first day post-cleanse, it’s best to re-incorporate just soups and smoothies. In the following few days, come down from the cleanse the same way you prepared for it, eating cleanly and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, animal products, gluten, and nicotine.

Coming off of a Meal-Plan properly is a crucial part for the success of your process. For the first days post-plan, it’s best to imitate a similar diet as you had during the plan. In the following few days, come down from the meal-plan the same way you prepared for it, eating cleanly and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, animal products, gluten, and nicotine.

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